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Atmagupta also know as the magic velvet bean increases sexual desire aswell as the quality and quantity of sperm due to it's aphrodisiac property.


Asvagandha popularly known as indian ginseng helps in managing male infertility and erectile dysfunction

Sveta Musali

Sveta musali is a potent aphrodisiac which helps in improving male performance and induses spermatogenesis


Akarakarabha is a perennial herb that grows in the himalyan region. It improves sexual desire as well as sexual performance of men by maintaining the testosterone levels.


Goksura is an ayurvedic herb which is extensively use to manage sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction. also useful as a natural aphrodisiac


Bala which means strength is a popular herb in ayurveda which helps to manage erectile dysfunction in men due to it's vajikarana properties.


Kunkuma popularly known as saffron is very beneficial in managing the problems of reproductive system such as erectile dysfunction in men and menstrual pain in women.


Kokilaksa is a rasayanic herb it helps in managing erectile dysfunction by increasing testosterone levels it is also proven to improve sexual stamina.


Vidari is a perennial herb known to increase both quality and quantity of semen in males due to it's spermatogenic property

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capsules for men help promote strength and activeness

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PerformXGold is made using ancient knowledge and is a complete Ayurvedic medicine. PerformXGold capsules help to maintain fertility and virility in men and is known for its stamina boosting properties. Consume 2 capsules a day before going to bed preferably with milk for best results.
capsules for men help promote strength and activeness

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