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Using Herbs Naturally to Boost Sperm Count

Have you been diagnosed with low sperm count? Is the narrative of your diminishing sperm count unending? Are you frustrated by sperm count issues leading to infertility issues? Are you looking for a natural remedy that won’t have any negative side effects to raise your sperm count? Are you looking for healthy suggestions to improve the quantity and quality of your sperm?

The following natural herbs can increase your sperm count:


In Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha, also referred to as “Indian Ginseng,” has long been utilized as an adaptogen. Stress and weariness can be fought off with it. Ashwagandha root has also been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac because it helps humans produce more testosterone, which improves sperm quality and quantity.


It is used in practically all prescriptions as an aphrodisiac and in combination with other medications to address low sperm counts. It can raise testosterone and has been shown to be effective in promoting spermatogenesis, which helps to increase the number of sperm.


Atmagupta, also known as the magic velvet bean, increases sexual desire and the quality and quantity of sperm due to its aphrodisiac property.




Sveta Musali:

Sveta musali is a potent aphrodisiac that helps improve male performance and induces spermatogenesis.


Bala, which means strength, is a popular herb in Ayurveda that helps manage erectile dysfunction in men due to its vajikarana properties.   


Kunkuma, popularly known as saffron, is very beneficial in managing the problems of the reproductive system, such as erectile dysfunction in men and menstrual pain in women. With these components, PerformXGold, a superb formulation created by Charak Pharma, enhances the functional competence of sperms. By bringing the Hypothalamus Pituitary Gonadal (HPG) axis back into balance, PerformXGold increases sperm count. PerformXGold contains strong antioxidants including ashwagandha, gokshur, and bala that lessen the excessive oxidative stress that harms sperm. Kunkuma, Ashwagandha, and Atamagupta all promote spermatogenesis while enhancing sperm count. Therefore, PerformXGold is the greatest medication to boost sperm motility. It also increases semen density, improves sperm count, and morphology.


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