Is Male Sexual Dysfunction a Problem for Couples?

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation are examples of male sexual dysfunction (MSD) (PE). While we are aware that these problems have varied effects on different people, we often overlook the fact that they can also have an impact on their spouses. A sexual sickness can, of course, afflict someone who is not in a relationship.
Before a treatment can be planned, a professional must first determine the causes of MSD. The most effective treatment is a holistic approach that includes both medical and psycho-social therapies.

When a man is suffering from ED or PE, his anxiety and tension might be reflected onto his spouse, making the partner feel insecure and wondering if they are to blame. Furthermore, research reveals that they are unlikely to discuss it freely with their spouses. This lack of communication, which is fueled by false expectations and stigma, makes the partner distrustful.

Both partners in a relationship are affected by sexual disorders. MSD reduce closeness, which can lead to a decrease in sexual desire in the partner, who may or may not be suffering from a sexual dysfunction.

When men in nations like India are seeking to start a family, they frequently seek therapy for ED and PE. The partner’s distress is exacerbated in this case because to the lack of conception. Infertility isn’t the only time a partner has to deal with the consequences of male sexual dysfunction. Mental health is another stigmatized area, although diseases like ED can have an impact on both the patient and their partner’s mental health. The spouse may experience feelings of perplexity, fear, or distrust as a result of ED, and these emotions can put a strain on a relationship.

Professionals might use partners’ perspectives and insights to help their patients deal through their symptoms and mental effects. According to statistics, roughly 42% of men and 51% of women have experienced some form of sex dysfunction, and understanding sexual dysfunction can be treated and improved. It is a couple’s issue that can substantially aid treatment.
Here are some measures you and your partner can take together: