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Treatments For All Male Sexual Issues In Ayurveda

Let’s first examine the many sexual problems that are frequently experienced by guys before discussing the various male sex disorders and ayurvedic therapies. Low libido rates, early ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction are some of the most typical sexual disorders.

All of these problems can be treated with the use of specialized holistic methods provided by Ayurveda. Let’s examine some ayurvedic sex remedies that are certain to produce fantastic outcomes.


The Best Ayurvedic Herbs For Sexual Disorder Treatment


Top ayurveda sexologists advise using these strong ayurvedic herbs in the finest treatments for sexual disorders.



This sattvic herb produces Ojas and gives the tissues of the penis power. It is made from a plant called Withania somnifera, whose bark has strong aphrodisiac effects. It aids in increasing libido, stamina, and suppresses ejaculation before it is ready.

When consumed in the correct quantities, this churna gives extended erections that effectively treat erectile dysfunction while also assisting in the reduction of mental stress and weariness.

It is thought to increase testosterone levels and enhance cardiovascular endurance. It significantly increases sperm motility and count.



Given that it promotes better sexual health, it is frequently utilised in ayurveda treatments for a variety of male sex disorders. Semen volume, sperm motility, poor sperm count, and diminished sperm production are only a few of the ailments that its strong spermatogenic qualities can treat.

It is a natural antioxidant that aids in increasing testosterone synthesis, which in turn helps treat erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation while also enhancing libido. In addition to these purposes, it aids in the enhancement of erectile and arousal performance as well as the strengthening of the penile tissues for better sexual performance.


Sveta Musali

As the “queen of herbs,” it is frequently used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance. Regular use of the powder promotes blood circulation and brings about mental serenity. Additionally, it has particular revitalizing qualities that support men’s sperm production.



It has a number of health advantages. One of them is the treatment of male impotence since it promotes blood flow and strengthens the penile tissue. Additionally, it helps alleviate debility and loss of libido, which enhances general stamina.



Bala, which means strength, is a popular herb in Ayurveda that helps manage erectile dysfunction in men due to its vajikarana properties.



Kunkuma, popularly known as saffron, is very beneficial in managing the problems of the reproductive system, such as erectile dysfunction in men and menstrual pain in women.



Kokilaksha is a Rasayana herb that helps manage erectile dysfunction by increasing testosterone levels. It has also been shown to increase sexual endurance.



Vidari is a perennial herb known to increase both the quality and quantity of semen in males due to its spermatogenic property.



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